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Who We Are

We are Hunter and Lora, a married couple who travels North America full-time in an RV, and we would love to take you along with us for the adventure! We hope you enjoy our updates here.

Why We Travel 

After getting engaged in December 2015 we started to think where we were going to live (should we rent an apartment, build/rent a house…). Then we came across a picture of people who were truck camping in the middle of nowhere and it looked like a lot of fun.

We remember thinking that it would be awesome to travel together in an RV and see our own country (and as we have traveled, we have considered the possibility of visiting other countries as well). We had doubts, like anyone would of course – “Are we really going to do this?” (we can’t remember how many times we said that over the next 9 months) – finally we realized that there was no better time to travel than now and we should stop trying to think of excuses. Things are never going to line up perfectly in your favor – you just have to go for it and make corrections along the way. There is nothing wrong with living in an apartment but it just wasn’t for us.

So here we are, weeks/months/years in (depending on when you read this), and loving every second of it! We hope you feel inclined to follow our adventures and keep up with us on here.




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