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The Truck Camper Walk Through

With just over three months left before we travel we are in a hurry to get everything done, so far so good! However there is so much more we’d like to add to our camper or take with us that we might just have to realize that it’s not happening. Either way we have the all the comforts of home (except an A/C, that is one of the things on our list to add) and we are excited! Here is a quick tour of our truck camper!



View from just walking inside the door. In the back is the bed, but we are getting a new mattress for it at the moment. Bottom right is the couch, top right is storage cabinet that can fold down into a small bunk. Bathroom door is to the left, but not visible in this picture.


This is what the couch looks like when folded out into a bed and the cabinet folded down into a bunk.


The bathroom is actually quite big for a truck camper bathroom!


Looking back at the door from the kitchen.



We still have a few things left to do to the RV, but it is coming along quite nicely.  On the outside it has all electric jacks, a generator storage spot (but no generator yet), and duel 20 lbs propane tanks. We would like to install a fantastic fan, a portable generator , awning, and replace all interior and exterior lights with LED bulbs.


“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.”

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  1. posted by
    Jun 14, 2016 Reply

    Congratulations on your beautiful camper! Is that a dry bath? And what size truck do you need to haul it?

    • Hunter
      posted by
      Jun 14, 2016 Reply

      Thank you Don! It is a dry bath, however unlike most truck campers with dry baths this one is pretty light (2,100 lbs dry). I have a 3/4 dodge cummins that we use.

      • posted by
        Jun 15, 2016 Reply

        Wow, that was quite a find!

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