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Cleaning & Upgrading The RV

With less than four months left, we are quite busy planning a wedding and working on making our RV our new soon to be home. Here is a list of what we’ve done so far: Replaced the old carpet. Flushed all the water systems. Scrubbed inside and outside of the RV (we never knew that […]

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Our New RV!

We just bought a used Truck Camper over this past weekend and are in the process of cleaning it up and upgrading some of its gadgets! This is a 2000 Sun Lite 10’3″ M-1055 SS. We’ll have to give a tour of it sometime, but for now here is a peek at what we bought! […]

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Benefits of Buying a Truck Camper

We are currently working on finding the perfect camper for the two of us. When we first decided that we wanted to go full time, we already knew that a truck camper would fit our needs perfectly. Even though truck campers are smaller than most other RVs, there are several reasons why it appealed to us. […]

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Five Months From Full-time RVing

Full Time RVing Preparations With just over four months left until we get married, leave Colorado, and travel full time in our RV, we are getting really excited! Here is a current list of where we are in our preparations: Sold our 1/2 ton gas truck and bought a long wheel base 3/4 ton diesel Beefed up […]

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How to get ready to full time RV

A lot of people are asking us how we are able to do this at such a young age, right after school, and without a very large income. Here are our answers to most of the questions and assumptions. First off, full time RVing doesn’t cost as much as most people might think. Of course […]

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Going Full Time RVing

Hello everyone! Our names are Hunter and Lora and we are going to travel the continent in an RV starting late 2016 (October) After we get married! The reason why we already started this site is to gain a small following before we head out and because we are supper existed! “Twenty years from now […]

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