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Month 7 of 9 in our Full Time RVing preparations

With less than two  months left before we get married and hit the road we are super excited and busy. Even though it seems that it will never get here we are only two months away and we are glad that we’ve had these past 7 months to prepare because it’s a lot of work. Here is a month by month list from April to now (July) of where we are at:

For our December-April planning preparations click here.



  • Black and gray water tanks were exposed so we added insulation around them to help prevent them from freezing in the winter.


  • Added a shower rod (we have a shower that is in the corner, and didn’t come with a rod, so we bought a ceiling mounted flexible ‘rod’ that fits perfect!


  • Added an extra 12 volt deep cycle battery.


  • Added two 100 watt solar panels.


  • Added a DIY bike rack to the front of the truck.

IMG_20160716_163131    IMG_20160716_163100

  • Mounted a 6 inch PVC pipe under the rear of the camper to place our outdoor carpet in. (See photo listed higher up on this page.)
  • Bought camper tie downs.
  • Reupholstered couch.
  • Made camping reservations for the Florida Keys! (This was a must since it’s so packed there. Even though we made reservations months out it was still hard to find available campgrounds. Thankfully we’re all set!)
  • Tested and retested all propane, AC and DC powered appliances and electronics to ensure no that nothing was leaking.
  • Currently working on adding a DIY awning to the camper.


All these preparations have actually been a lot of fun! At the same time we can’t wait for the preparations to be over and just travel! 65 days left!


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