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Cedar Key to Sanibel Island – Full Time RVing

From our stay on St. George Island we traveled to Anglers RV Private Campground at Cedar Key. It was beautiful, surrounded with water and a historical little town of about 700 in population. While there, we visited a Seafood Festival which is held at the beginning of their stone crab season every year. There were many arts and crafts exhibits and a lot of food (which was half off on the last day of the Festival). This celebration is the only time that there is a shuttle that will take people to visit Seahorse Key, a historical island with an ancient lighthouse. We did not know about this when we were there, unfortunately.

From the Anglers RV campground in Cedar Key, we moved to the Deep Creek Preserve which is located in Arcadia. There we stayed for free for two nights and enjoyed some hiking trails in the park. The campground was surrounded by trees, many of which had Spanish Moss. It was very shady as well and they provided fire pits and picnic tables, but no hookups. It was our first time to officially boondock. The only rough experience we had while there was trying to refill our water tank with one of our five gallon jugs in the dark. Regardless, it was a dreamy, beautiful area and we enjoyed our first campfire of just the two of us.

On our second day at the site, we ventured to Sanibel Island for an afternoon trip. The island, we both agreed, was the prettiest place we had been to in Florida so far. There were thousands of Palm trees with coconuts hanging from them and the beach was inches thick with shells. We even saw several live starfish. We brought our bikes with us – good thing we did – because there were a lot of biking trails and we enjoyed exploring the island with them. Before we left, we made a point to find at least one coconut to take with us and we ended up finding two. For those of you who may not have cut open a wild coconut before (we had not either), there is a thick outer flesh called the mesocarp that we cut through to get to the seed. Once we cut the seed open, we tasted the water and the flesh of the coconut and it was much better than anything from the store!

From the island of Cedar Key, to Arcadia, and then to Sanibel Island, we had many adventures and created many memories. There is so much more to see at each place than we took time for, but we hope to visit again someday.

Keep on traveling with us – next week we are headed towards the Everglades!



Cedar Key 360 view (click to open):


Anglers RV Campground – Near Cedar Key


3 out of 5 stars

Comments: This was a very nice campground, considering that it had full hookups, wifi, laundry, a pool (when we went it was being repaired), and a room with a tv, pool table, and a library. They also gave us a pretty good deal on propane, charging us only $15.00 for a 20lbs tank. The campground itself, however, was a little messy and dirty so we did not do a whole lot outside of our RV.

Cell Signal

  • Google Fi (combination of US cellar, T-mobile, and Sprint): 1 3G bars.
  • Verizon: 2-3 out of 4 LTE bars.


  • High was in the lower 80’s
  • Low was in the higher 60’s and lower 70’s

Time of Year

Mid October, 2016

Recommended Places to See & Things To Do

  • Tour the historical town
  • Visit during the Seafood Festival or one of their many festivals held on the island
  • If you get a chance to visit Seahorse Key, do it!

Max/Recommended RV size

Any size

Price Per night

$27 (we paid $13.50 because we have a Passport America membership)

Cedar Key, Fl
Cedar Key, Fl


Deep Creek Preserve Campground


5 out of 5 stars

Comments: This campground was lovely with it’s beautiful Spanish moss hanging from the trees and a meadow-like feeling of tranquility. No hookups, though, as it was a free campground. Nonetheless, they still provided picnic tables and a fire pit at each site. This place does require a reservation (see below).
Cell Signal

  • Google Fi (combination of US cellar, T-mobile, and Sprint): 1 3G bars.
  • Verizon: 1-2 out of 4 LTE bars.


  • High was in the mid to high 80’s
  • Low was in the mid 60’s

Time of Year

  • Late October 2016

Recommended Places to See & Things To Do

  • Kayak down the river that runs near one side of the campground.
  • We love to go biking and there are some good trails here for that.
  • Spend a lot of time enjoying the peace and quiet of the outdoors and being away from the city.

Max/Recommended RV size

  • Any size

Price Per Night

Free! (requires reservation see  )

Items seen in our Videos and our Pictures
Machete knife:
Glass tupperware:







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