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Our RV Travels from St Augustine, Fl. to Gulf Shores, Al

In the beginning of November, we stayed at Faver-Dykes State Park in St. Augustine. We loved this state park as it had many nature walks, some of which led to water. For the first few days there, however, we worked on our online jobs. When we had the chance, we took several walks a day through this quiet, shady campground. Sometimes we took walks at night and ran into several noisy armadillos. After our few days of working, we explored the beautiful city of St. Augustine – the oldest city in the U.S. Both of us love exploring things from our nation’s history, so we spent a day wandering throughout the town.



From St. Augustine, we traveled up north to Orange Beach, Alabama and stayed with Hunter’s Grandma for a week. She spoiled us with sweet hospitality and fancy restaurants. While there, we also visited with Hunter’s uncle who was kind enough to take us out on his boat several times. On each outing, we saw many dolphins, and on our last boat ride we even watched a shark feeding on fish. Unfortunately, we never caught any fish but it was a great experience that we will always remember.

From Orange Beach, we drove a whole half hour away to Gulf Shores, where we stayed at Hunter’s grandparents’ beach house. They were kind enough to let us inhabit it while they were not there. We took kayaks out on the unique waterways in this area that ran in between houses and neighborhoods, as well as into the lagoon.

Next week we are heading to Birmingham and then…who knows!


Faver-Dykes State Park


4 out of 5


We loved this quiet, peaceful campground. Because of the Hurricane Matthew, they let us collect fallen branches for firewood!

Cell Signal

Google Fi (combination of US cellar, T-mobile, and Sprint): 0-1 3G bars

Verizon: 1 LTE bar


high was in the upper 70’s

low was in the lower 50’s

Time of Year

Beginning of November, 2016

Recommended Places To See & Things To Do

-Visit the famous city of St. Augustine (there is a Spanish colonial fort, famous college, and a gorgeous old church – to name a few things)

-Walk or cycle through the nature trails at the park

-Kayak on the lagoon near the nature trails


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