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2017 Cold Weather Camping and Skiing in Colorado & Utah

We took a small break from travelling over Thanksgiving and Christmas so that we could spend more time with family. We are back on the road again, however, and are excited to catch you up on our recent adventures!

As we spent time with Hunter’s side of the family in AL over Thanksgiving, we began to consider our plans for the winter. Although we were not very thrilled about the idea of camping in cold weather, we also knew that cold weather brought ski season and we could not miss that. So, a few weeks before Christmas, we found ourselves in CO (where both of our immediate families live, conveniently) with season ski passes.

While in CO we did a little bit of dry camping but we did stay at one state park, Cheyenne Mountain. Here, we enjoyed tackling many cold weather problems that come with full-timing in an RV. Since our current camper is technically a 3 season RV, it is not insulated as well as it should be for Colorado snow and wind, nonetheless, we learned to keep our heaters running and air vents opened that go to our water tank.

During our stay at Cheyenne Mountain, our shower and bathroom sink were broken and so we had to improvise when it came to showers until our parts came in the mail. This also meant that we could not hook up to water because the bathroom would leak if we did (our hose would probably crack due to the cold anyway). We did get this problem fixed, eventually. This was a learning experience for us in several ways, but as the old saying goes – “you live and learn.”

After our stay at Cheyenne Mountain, we continued to ski every week until the beginning of January when we decided to take a little break from freezing weather and head to….yes you guessed it, Utah, which is only slightly warmer, but still – warmer! Come with us next week as we go to some incredible National Parks and try some genuine boon-docking.


Cheyenne Mountain State Park


4.5 out of 5


We had everything we needed here – it was in a pretty place at the base of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. It was a bit windy though, and a few days after we left a wind storm knocked over a camper at this state park.

Cell Signal

  • Google Fi (combination of US cellar, T-mobile, and Sprint): 4 4G bars
  • Verizon: 3-4 LTE bar


  • high was in the middle 40’s
  • low was in teens and lower 20’s

Time of Year

Beginning of January, 2017

Recommended Places To See & Things To Do

-Great hiking trails here and a lot of wildlife can be seen as well. (We saw mule deer and heard several coyotes that were only a few yards away).

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  1. posted by
    Debbie Parcha
    Jan 20, 2017 Reply

    Loved the pictures! Beautiful mountains!

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      Jan 21, 2017 Reply


  2. posted by
    Jan 21, 2017 Reply

    I love you both so much:)
    Stay safe and warm!

    • posted by
      Jan 21, 2017 Reply

      Love you too:) We will!

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