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Our Snowy Grand Canyon Adventures

In our attempt to find warmer weather (and see more national parks), we traveled to the Grand Canyon in Arizona after leaving Utah. To our surprise and great disappointment, there was a lot of snow when we arrived after dark – and it was continuing to snow! Apparently, it is around 7,000 feet in elevation there. Since we were already there, we decided to enjoy our stay and set up camp in a national forest inside the Grand Canyon’s national park for one night.



Our disappointment from the previous night was rewarded with the beauty of the canyon that we saw the next day. Because it was partially cloudy, the clouds were floating inside the canyon. It was absolutely breathtaking – literally because of the chilling wind, but also because of its beauty. We took time to hike down into the canyon for a while and then headed back up.

From the Grand Canyon we head towards Quartzsite, Arizona, which is basically a full-time RVing town and a very unique experience. We decide to dry camp for a full week and work, with only our solar panels to charge our computers – join us next week for the fun!



Dry Camping Spot In the Grand Canyon National Park


4 out of 5 stars


We traveled down a bumpy, snowy road and eventually pulled off near a large tower to camp for one night. It is definitely very quiet and beautiful.

Cell Service

  • Google Fi (combination of US cellar, T-mobile, and Sprint): None
  • Verizon: 1 3G bar


  • high was in the upper 30’s
  • low was in the lower 30’s

Time of Year

Middle of January, 2017

Recommended Places To See & Things To Do

  • Everyone knows what to do at the Grand Canyon – take in those beautiful views! If you have time, and you aren’t afraid of heights, try hiking down into the canyon.

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