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Ruining Our Bikes, Finding Water And Frisbee Golf Parks, New Friends: Last Few Weeks in Texas

For a while there, I was getting better about updating our blogs on a regular basis, but we made some dramatic changes in May regarding our traveling plans, and I got behind again. I know that some of you may not be interested in our last few weeks that we spent in Texas, nonetheless, I write these blogs for us to look back on. It is more like a journal of our travels than anything else, so we feel that it is still important to recall how the remaining of our time went in Texas.

The entire time we were in Texas, we stayed in Aransas Pass (about 40 minutes from Corpus Christi). However, we stayed in two different campgrounds. The first one we stayed in for about a month and a half and the second one we stayed at for about the same amount of time. We enjoyed the first campground we stayed in the most because it was situated right next to the ICW and was perfect for late night fishing; however, the people there were a little particular about some things, so we moved. At our second campground, we really liked going for bike rides to a nearby hill that gave us a good view of the city. However, these rides caused a lot of damage to our bikes because of the mud that got stuck to our tires after it rained. The mud, mixed with the salty air, seemed to hurt the chains on our bikes and, about a week before we left Texas, Lora’s bike was almost unrideable and Hunter’s was on its way.

During our third or fourth week in Aransas Pass, we made a friend named Nehemiah who gave Hunter a few kite surfing lessons. We have kept in touch with him and he is now traveling abroad to other countries around the world. It is always great to meet and connect with fellow adventurous spirits.

Other than riding bikes and meeting new friends, we also toured the USS Lexington that was used in WWII (which took us a total of 4 hours), explored a nearby aquarium, celebrated Hunter’s birthday, did a lot of surf fishing, snorkeled off of the jetty in 15-50 feet of water, found a nearby park where we played frisbee golf on several evenings, got stuck in a lot of traffic getting on and off the ferry that led to the beach, took many walks along the beach, went to a carnival, found a water park and went there every weekend, celebrated the 4th of July, experienced one clear and calm day at the beach, and found a few delicious local restaurants.

All in all, we made a lot of great memories in Texas but we were happy to leave since the weather was getting incredibly hot. In our next blog, we will share about our latest travel plans and what our future adventures will look like.


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