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Relaxing in New Mexico – Part II

After we spent three months in Deming, we drove east towards Las Cruces and ended up staying at a campground a few miles north of there, near the White Sands National Monument. A very long, winding road led us to our site tucked up against the Organ Mountains. We were very glad to have a […]

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Relaxing in New Mexico for 4 Months – Part I

Soon after Thanksgiving, we headed to Deming in New Mexico, as we had planned. Although Deming is small, it has a pretty interesting background of how it came to be. Originally founded in 1881, it was called “New Chicago” because people thought the city would grow similarly to Chicago, Illinois, due to the increasing use […]

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Our Travels to San Antonio, Texas

After our travels in Quartzsite, we did spend a week in New Mexico (not included in our video) at a private campground called Temperate Zone RV Park. It was very affordable and gave a place to work, catch up on laundry, play some pool on the side, and plan for the following week when we […]

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